Mike and Sheri Bedient

Mike and Sheri Bedient have been serving the Navigators at Arizona State University (ASU) for 12 years.  Before that, they were serving in Russia bringing the gospel of Jesus to the Russian people.  When they returned from Russia, God spoke clearly that ASU would be a sending ministry, and sending it has been.  God has raised up and sent out staff from ASU's ministry to 7 different campuses and many of the students have been involved in overseas mission trips.  They are "students today and leaders tomorrow" who will not only impact college campuses, but the US and the world.

Sharing Jesus in Russia and Greece

Mike and Sheri Bedient
Please click the donate button below to help Sheri and Mike with their trip deficit.
Mike and Sheri Bedient

Cost: $7,100
Received: $4,850

Sheri and Mike Bedient visited Russia and Greece in June 2017. They spent time with Christian leaders in Russia to encourage them and help them have good healthy ministries. They also spent time with young believers. They then went to Greece with the Russian school directors, teachers, parents and students. God opened the door again to share the gospel in English Language classes.

The Bedients did end up with a deficit of $2,250 due to the hike of the euro and other trip expenses from their ministry that they did not foresee. We have reopened this project to allow additional donations to help meet this deficit.

Thank you to all who donated toward Sheri and Mike’s trip and for the consideration in helping to meet their current deficit. You truly are partners in Christ.

Dental Need for Sheri Bedient

Mike and Sheri Bedient
Please click the donate button below to help Sheri with her dental expenses.
Mike and Sheri Bedient

Cost: $4,976
Received: $3,175

Sheri Bedient is a long time missionary with her husband Mike serving the Navigators in Russia and at Arizona State University (ASU). Unfortunately, Sheri, has to have two of her teeth replaced and has no dental insurance...Ouch!
Thanks to all who have donated thus far. Sheri has started her dental treatments and is trying to work within the budget she has. Thank you Logos Dentistry for working in such a tight budget. Let’s give thanks and honor to Sheri for her years of service in Christian ministry by continuing to donate toward her needed dental work. Thank you in advance for any bit of help you can give.

Sharing Jesus in Russia

COMPLETED - $6,010 Donated

Thank you GapFill donors for all your donations that made Mike and Sheri’s trip to Russia in 2016 possible. They had many opportunities to share Jesus and engage again with Russian family and friends.

Van for Ministry Work

COMPLETED - $6,000 Donated
Mike and Sheri Bedient
Many thanks to one GapFill.org donor who purchased a much needed van for the Bedients. Traveling with college students and driving to short-term mission trips requires a reliable vehicle. We sincerely thank this generous donor who was called to give to the Bedient's work in this way.