Surgery Need for Anthony Vanaria

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Anthony, who is currently in the process of becoming a missionary associate to work full-time with refugee’s in Sicily, has a craniofacial deficiency that results in an obstruction of his airways. Essentially, because of the structure of his jaw bones, he has a limited space in his nasal cavity that substantially reduces his ability to breathe through his nose. This is not only dangerous for his long term health - taxing his respiratory system and heart - but immediately prevents him from adequate sleep and recovery. 

Anthony met with craniofacial specialist Dr. Micro Raffaini, who was able to diagnose the problem, and present a solution that invariably improves air intake. The procedure is two-fold, and includes alterations to the structure of both his upper and lower jaw. Anthony’s upper jaw will be lowered to create space - tissue from within the nasal cavity will also be removed as necessary - and his lower jaw will be advanced to accommodate and support changes made to the upper jaw. 

Anthony is currently working through his insurance plan, but his options are limited. Regardless of where he gets the surgery, in Italy or the US, insurance will either not cover the surgery or only cover some of it with high deductibles. 

Anthony is aware that, personally, a surgery of such magnitude would be difficult to pursue while working overseas. However, since Anthony is in the process of becoming a full time Christian missionary, GapFill is starting a fund to help with what will not be covered by his insurance plan, enabling him to receive critical medical treatment without stepping away from ministry abroad. 

Feel free to contact GapFill for further details and we can get you in touch with Anthony. Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping Anthony have a healthier life while serving Jesus.


About Anthony Vanaria

Raised by missionary parents in Papua New Guinea, Anthony's sense of responsibility for the lost was as much a part of early life as teething and peek-a-boo. At home, Jesus was never a mere matter of fact, but the crux of daily reality. The resulting spiritual environment allowed Anthony to develop an early but independent relationship with Christ, modeled by Spirit filled parents. 

After graduating from Northpoint Bible College, Anthony has sensed the Lord directing him to work with refugee's in a seperate but supporting roll to his parent's ministry.