Discipleship in Russia and Greece

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God still has an open door for the Bedients in Russia. They will be taking two trips in 2019.  The first trip will be a Marriage-Family Conference in February.  They will have several spiritual leaders recruit small group leaders.  The goal is healthy marriages and family life and connect them to healthy churches with a heart for discipleship.

Their summer mission trip will be in Greece.  80 plus Russians (director, teachers, parents, and students) will be attending their program in Greece in June, 2019. 

Prior to their two trips, in February and June, 2019, they will travel to Pushkin, Russia and meet with spiritual leaders/pastors throughout a week.  They have two goals.:

  1. Ask these leaders to provide small groups for when they return from the summer Greece English Language Program.  These groups will be focused on helping the students realize God’s purpose for them on this globe and how to grow and overcome the satanic distractions that will ruin their lives.

  2. Ask them began to recruit small group leaders for future marriage retreats. These leaders will be equipped to recruit and train other small group leaders who will recruit parents to attend the marriage retreat.

The Bedients are very grateful… they know that they never go alone and know that many have taken faith steps to pray and support them on their Russia/Greece trips.  For that they are most grateful.  Can you help to continue to support the Mike and Sheri as they follow God’s call?

About Mike and Sheri Bedient

Mike and Sheri Bedient have been serving the Navigators at Arizona State University (ASU) for 12 years.  Before that, they were serving in Russia bringing the gospel of Jesus to the Russian people.  When they returned from Russia, God spoke clearly that ASU would be a sending ministry, and sending it has been.  God has raised up and sent out staff from ASU's ministry to 7 different campuses and many of the students have been involved in overseas mission trips.  They are "students today and leaders tomorrow" who will not only impact college campuses, but the US and the world.