John and Kay West

John and Kay West, with Swaziserve, are sharing the love of Christ with a rapidly dying population in South Africa – teaching, counseling and serving in the local church with women’s ministries.

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Help Widows and Orphans

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Received: $1,925
John and Kay West

Help John and Kay West as they provide for widows and orphans in South Africa. Your donation will help oversee building projects for widows, the payment of fees for the education of children, distribute clothing, food and Bibles.

Mayenjane Children's Home

COMPLETED - $2,000 Donated

Eight children in Swaziland are now living in the Children's Home!! For those of you who donated toward this home, you know this journey has been FAR longer than the West family anticipated, but hallelujah God never fails!

Please pray for the eight orphans placed in the children's' home. There are three sibling groups, five boys and three girls, all between the ages of eight and fourteen. All from severely traumatic backgrounds. Please also pray for the housemother, Fikile, who has suddenly inherited eight high-needs children!

Thank you to all who have donated. May you feel the blessings of Jesus in your daily lives for the blessings you have given to these orphans.

Additional Vehicle Funds Needed

COMPLETED - $300 Donated

The West's have received enough money to purchase a newer vehicle for their work in South Africa. Thank you GapFill donors for your monies given toward this project. The West's are feeling so blessed. To God Be the Glory!

siSwati Bibles Needed

COMPLETED - $750 Donated

Thank you donors for filling in the gap with Bibles in siSwati--so many wanted to read the Word in their own language, but few had their own Bible. You made it possible for Kay and John to distribute these Bibles free of charge. Thank you GapFill donors for supplying siSwati Bibles to the people of Swaziland.